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A skilled editor is a communications specialist and an invaluable resource for all projects. Perhaps your text needs reorganising to achieve the best flow for the publication, or perhaps it only needs the polish of a final proofread. An accurate, well-written and well-structured document can improve the credibility of any business. In fiction, a well-structured, grammatically accurate and well-written novel will significantly improve your chances of publication success.

As an experienced editor, I can:

  • read through your work to assess whether it is ready for the next step or suggest structural/developmental changes
  • ensure your project is structured soundly with the best flow from beginning to end
  • ensure that the style and language are clear and appropriate for your audience
  • ensure that the grammar and spelling are correct
  • ensure consistency in style and language
  • ensure your novel is more appealing to an agent or publisher.

Remember, I work for your project as well as you! My aim is to make your publication the best it can be, while preserving your voice and message.

Levels of editing

I provide different levels of editing depending on the stage of your project:

  1. Structural or developmental edit: This is where I assess your work as a whole. I will advise on the structure and how to improve the work, such as sections that need to be rewritten, sections that should be removed or sections that should be reordered. For example, this can be done as a manuscript assessment for a fiction novel where I provide a detailed report about the work, such as on the plot, characterisation and dialogue, or I can mark-up your manuscript with suggested changes and discuss these with you. Remember, this is a collaboration—I am working with you on your project.
  2. Copyedit: This is where I go through your text line by line to wheedle out all the grammar, spelling and language inconsistencies. For businesses, I can create a style guide for your publication so that you can use this for similar publications in the future. Or, I can follow your company’s existing style guide and ensure this project is consistent with it. In addition, in this type of edit I can make numerous comments throughout the text, for example, about sections that are not clear and need rewording or clarifying, or plot inconsistencies in fiction, or repetitive sections in non-fiction books.
  3. Proofread: I can be the final eye on your project so that you can be assured that it is going to print with no errors and is ready for publication.

If you wish, I can work out a fixed price to do all three stages for your project.

I pride myself on my keen eye and attention to detail. I will bring an expert touch to your project to ensure it reads well, is structured well, is grammatically accurate and is highly polished.

Areas of expertise:

Memoir, natural health, fitness and wellbeing, business and general non-fiction as well as fiction novels. I have worked on a diverse range of projects over the years, such as on sports cars, war, computer workbooks, educational and vocational resources, natural health, memoir, cookbooks, corporate reports, business strategy, philosophy, spiritualism, travel guides, fiction novels, graphic novels and websites, to name just a few. I believe that my extensive, all-round experience enables me to be flexible and adaptable to the variety of projects I undertake.

For a quote:

To work out a quote for your project, I will need to learn a bit about it.

Business publications: I will need to know the word count of your project, a brief outline of what it is—such as a monthly report, weekly newsletter or company brochure—what your deadline is, and the type of editing it requires (see Levels of editing above).

Fiction manuscripts: Please email a 10-page sample and an indication of what level of service you are looking for (see Levels of editing above). If you are unsure of what stage your work is at, send the sample and we’ll work it out together. I can also work out a fixed price to take your project through all three stages of editing.

Non-fiction books: I will need to know the word count of your project, the subject matter and intended audience, as well as your timeframe.

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Claire is a very experienced, gifted and accurate editor who provides positive improvement to the documents she edits. We have been very fortunate to have had access to her services. 

Claire is my first choice when I need an extra editor for my education resources. She’s professional, attentive to details and delivers a consistent high standard with a quick turnaround.

Thank you for such efficient and thorough work. I appreciate all of the editing you have done.

This is terrific!!! I’m so pleased at the incisive, helpful comments and changes made. The turnaround time has also been spot on. I’m absolutely delighted with the evaluation and editing. I am happy to adopt all of the changes and believe it will be a much, much better book as a result. I am extremely grateful.

I really appreciate the care and effort you put into editing my novel. I know it was a ‘heavy’ read at times. Your attention to detail and the suggestions you made were spot on. You’re a genius! Thank you so much.