1CLAIRE MCGREGGOR-17The majority of my career has been in-house at a variety of publishing companies, mainly in the UK. These roles have included: Editorial Director (events listings publisher), Project Leader/Editor (educational resources), Managing Editor (TV listings), Production Editor & Feature Writer (consumer magazine), Project Editor (non-fiction books, part-works and journals), Sub-Editor/Designer (computer workbooks and newsletters), Desktop Publishing Controller (travel guides and sports books).

I have been a freelance editor since relocating to Australia in 2012. I work from a home-based office set up with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office suite, etc.

Accreditation, qualifications and professional development

I gained accreditation through IPEd in 2014. I hold qualifications in English language studies, naturopathy, medical transcription, business administration and feature writing. I have undertaken numerous professional development courses along the way, and continue to do somost recently in fiction genre editing, advanced fiction writing techniques, indexing and manuscript assessment.

Voluntary work

Recently I had the pleasure of volunteering with Behind The Wire on the podcast series The Messenger, produced in association with the Wheeler Centre. This oral history project is about the life of Abdul Aziz Muhamat, a refugee on Manus Island.

If you are a charitable organisation working on an area close to my heart, and are in serious need of an editor’s help, send me a message about what you need and I will consider pro bono or significantly reduced rates for your project.