The majority of my career has been in-house at a variety of publishing companies, mainly in the UK. These roles have included: Editorial Director (events listings publisher), Project Leader/Editor (educational resources), Managing Editor (TV listings), Production Editor/Feature Writer (monthly consumer magazine),
Project Editor (non-fiction books, part-works and journals), Sub-Editor/Designer (computer workbooks and newsletters), Desktop Publishing Controller (travel
guides and sports books).

I have been freelance since relocating to Australia in 2012. I work from a home-based office set up with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office suite, Skype etc. I have undertaken a wide range of freelance projects to date, from the design and editing of a history exhibition, to editing business reports and books, academic essays, website content, general non-fiction books, fiction novels, and much more.

Accreditation, qualifications and
professional development

I gained accreditation through IPEd in 2014. I hold qualifications in English language studies, naturopathy, medical transcription, business administration and feature writing. I have undertaken numerous professional development courses along the way, and continue to do somost recently in fiction genre editing, advanced fiction writing techniques and manuscript assessment.